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Four Reasons to Charter a Yacht

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You’d be right if you thought that renting a yacht was an extravagant luxury, but does that mean you and your family or significant other can’t enjoy one? No, of course not! As an alternative to owning your own floating palace, yacht hire is a much more reasonable option for the group that wants to treat themselves for a day, week, or even month. But besides private and peaceful views of beachside retreats and remote islands, what other benefits does yacht hire offer? Read More»

Important Questions to Ask When Renting a Party Bus

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A party bus can be a great choice for any group attending any event. It’s good for larger groups who want to travel together and for those who know they’re going to be drinking, as they don’t want to be driving at the end of such an evening. A party bus can also set a mood; you can listen to party music and even get up and dance in a party bus so you’re ready to hit the club once the bus pulls up to the curb. Read More»