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Four Reasons to Charter a Yacht

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You'd be right if you thought that renting a yacht was an extravagant luxury, but does that mean you and your family or significant other can't enjoy one? No, of course not! As an alternative to owning your own floating palace, yacht hire is a much more reasonable option for the group that wants to treat themselves for a day, week, or even month. But besides private and peaceful views of beachside retreats and remote islands, what other benefits does yacht hire offer?


Unlike pre-planned cruises or sea excursions, hiring a personal yacht allows you the freedom and flexibility to choose your own destination on a whim. Especially perfect for those whose travel inspiration rarely comes until the middle of a trip. Free of rude crowds or obtrusive passengers, the freedom to choose plan your vacation as you go is unoffered by any other expedition.

Professionalism and Service

With any yacht hire comes a specially trained crew to attend to your every need. Whether its sightseeing advice you want when you reach land or a relaxing dinner in the main cabin, the personal attention provided by the crew might just make the highlight of your vacation. Depending on your specifications, the chef can make a menu catering to your desires while incorporating inspiration from your destination with local ingredients. And what better way to enjoy a five-star meal than within the privacy and peacefulness of your own yacht?


While the majority of your life is most likely taken up by stress, job anxiety, and deadlines, it is okay to indulge every once and a while to enjoy a relaxing, luxurious vacation. Luckily, a yacht hire is the perfect setting to combine relaxation and high-quality living to pamper you for a few days to a few weeks. The designers of these expansive boats ensure that only the finest craftsmanship is utilized and few details go unnoticed in an effort to create the trip of your dreams.

Taking the Road Less Travelled

While tourist companies or commercial cruise liners will take passengers along common routes complete with the routine sites and over-travelled beaches, a private yacht (and the help of a knowledgeable crew) can bring you to isolated coves with sand just waiting to be touched by human toes or secret pockets of paradise out on the open ocean. While the possibilities are endless, don't be afraid to explore the unknown and pursue the road less travelled.