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Important Questions to Ask When Renting a Party Bus

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A party bus can be a great choice for any group attending any event. It's good for larger groups who want to travel together and for those who know they're going to be drinking, as they don't want to be driving at the end of such an evening. A party bus can also set a mood; you can listen to party music and even get up and dance in a party bus so you're ready to hit the club once the bus pulls up to the curb. A party bus hire is not like renting a limousine or other car, so note a few questions you might ask before you decide on a rental.

1. What is the deadline for the evening?

A party bus rental agency knows that people want to stay in the clubs until they close, which is usually very late into the evening and early morning. However, there may be a deadline for the evening before it runs into a late charge or extra day's rental. A party bus may figure this according to the time that most clubs close or according to when a certain concert is meant to end, but if you're going to be out later or linger for any reason, you want to know about any added charges you might incur. This is especially true if you rent the bus by the hour as added hours can often mean a steeper charge for each hour you go overtime.

2. How many people are allowed onboard?

Don't assume that a party bus can hold an unlimited number of people, as they will usually have legal limits they need to adhere to when it comes to passengers. You also want to ensure there is enough alcohol, seating, and other details to accommodate your group. When renting a bus, don't skimp on the size and assume everyone can simply "cram" into the back, and don't assume you can bring an unlimited number of people out of the club with you and into the bus.

3. Ask about the differences in party buses.

A bachelor or bachelorette party bus may have a stripper pole and disco ball onboard, which might not be good for entertaining corporate clients or for picking up family members for a wedding rehearsal. On the other hand, some buses may only have extended seating in the back and perhaps a bar, but not music, lights, and other accessories you expect for a true party. Be sure you ask about these different models rather than assume that all party buses are the same.